Angry Tweeters Swap Beer for Boycott

A months-old blog post on the website of an Adams Morgan bar is stirring up new controversy. Twitter is all... atwitter (sorry) about an entry on the website of the Black Squirrel (2427 18th St. N.W.) decrying illegal aliens.

The post reads in part: "Too many come here to ply their illicit trades, take up with gangs and live in the shadow of polite society."

Local Twitter users are promising to boycott the venue. "Moving back to DC in 3 days, love craft beer & the only thing I know about @ThBlackSquirrel is won't ever go there," wrote Kevin Thurman (@kmthurman). 

The Black Squirrel might want to keep the following in mind: Do NOT anger people on the Internet. Especially about political issues, in D.C., to people who need artisanal craft beers merely to survive.

"I kind of liked the place before I knew it was run by racists jerks," wrote Kevin Webb (@kvnweb). 

Lest you think the outcry is only coming from people named Kevin, the Black Squirrel was trending on Twitter earlier today, with nearly all tweets by people promising they wouldn't return to the bar.

The post, titled "Spare Us Your Cheap Laughs," criticizes Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert for using the illegal-alien issue for laughs, citing the Chandra Levy murder case, whose now-convicted killer had entered the U.S. illegally from El Salvador.

The entry continues:

[Illegal aliens] are a menace who eat up tax dollars and terrorize neighborhoods. That is a reality different from the one often peddled on Capitol Hill in bi-partisan fashion, which is: They do the menial work that Americans no longer are inclined to do. The latter is an insult to millions of blue-collar Americans.

The blog post may have picked up attention once again because it cites a Stephen Colbert episode that was rerun last night. The post is undated, but discusses the start of Levy jury selection, which was in October 2010.

And so the flap begins anew. "D.C. Bar Wants You To Know It Hates Mexicans," declared the blog Wonkette, today, prompting users to crack jokes like, "So no Margaritas then?"

Ironically, the unsigned entry concluded, "Well-meaning souls on both sides of the political aisle can wax eloquently in favor or against illegal aliens. This is not to take a position on that. That is to suggest that it should not be played to cheap laughs, not when too many Americans have been vicitimized by it or live in fear of it."

We're currently waiting for a call back from the Black Squirrel.

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