Andres Serves Up World Cup Win at Jaleo

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Jose Andres watched the World Cup semifinal match Wednesday between Spain and Germany amongst fellow Spaniards (and even a few Germans) at his Jaleo restaurant in Bethesda, Md.

But now that Spain has moved on to the championship game thanks to a 1-0 victory, Andres will be headed to a different, vuvuzela-centric location for the final match.

"Sunday, I will be in South Africa," the famous chef proclaimed. When asked if he bought his tickets already, Andres smiled and said, "Everything is under control. All I know is I'll be there."

Andres definitely has World Cup fever. And Jaleo gave more than a hint of it on Wednesday, as Andres invited some football enthusiasts to his restaurant, including the Spanish ambassador to the United States, Jorge Dezcallar de Mazarredo.

Just to show he's a good sport, however, he also invited Wagshal's owner Bill Fuchs and family, who brought along their German flag and actually managed to hang it in the restaurant window.

"You can watch the game at home, but people like to get together for a common goal," Andres said. "It's always good to celebrate together than to stay home and be alone. It's a celebration of good friends and good times."

And there could be plenty more for Andres once he arrives in South Africa.

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