And the Oscar Will Go to…

Can you believe it's Oscar time already? All the entertainment gang are a-twitter with last minute preparations. Celebs are getting facials, massages, and gifts galore. We want in.

We'll be covering the event live on Sunday with fashion disasters, award victors, and other juicy tidbits.

Until then, we've channeled our inner Roger Ebert to pick our favorites and with a dash of the Academy's taste in mind. Now it's your turn to play along. Who do you think will win? Do you think the movies that will win are the same as ones that *should* win? Jump into the prognostication game. Vote in our polls for your picks or post a comment below. Here are our picks for the winners of a few key categories.

Best Picture
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button: too boring
Frost/Nixon: too brainy
Milk: too Sean Penn-y
The Reader: too dramatic
* Slumdog Millionaire: too Golden? nah, just right

Best Actor
Richard Jenkins: too character-y
* Frank Langella: just right
Sean Penn: too Sean Penn-y
Brad Pitt: too gorgeous
Mickey Rourke: too Golden?

Best Actress
* Anne Hathaway: just right
Angelina Jolie: too gorgeous
Melissa Leo: too unknown
Meryl Streep: too talented
Kate Winslet: too obvious

There you have it. Picks of three of the biggest categories of the night. And we're probably wrong on all counts. So what? The fun is bagging on the outifts anyway! Enjoy the show!

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