And the Hilly Award Goes To …

Nominate your favorite Cap Hill businesses for Hill Neighborhood Awards

Everyone likes to hear they're the best at something.

And so the Capitol Hill Association of Merchants and Professionals (got that?) is accepting nominations for the first annual Hillys -- AKA, neighborhood business awards -- through midnight tonight, reports Frozen Tropics. Voting begins immediately after that, and runs through Nov. 1. Go nominate your fave businesses in four categories:

-- Restaurant/Eatery/Cafe/Coffee Shop of the Year
-- Retailer of the Year
-- Service Provider of the Year
-- Best New Business Opened in 2009

Conveniently for hipsters, H Street N.E. is included in their definition of "Capitol Hill." And conveniently for everyone's happiness, could we just remind you all of the D.C.-themed miniature golf course at the H Street Country Club? Thanks. We feel a lot better now.

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