Anacostia High Fight Raises School Security Concerns

Four stabbed in Wednesday fight

The day after a serious fight at Anacostia Senior High School, officials agreed security is a serious issue.

On Thursday, police blanketed the school grounds. On Wednesday, four students were stabbed with a penknife in a fight between two groups of children. A small fire also was reported. None of the injuries was considered serious.

George Parker, the teachers union president, told the D.C. Council that school security is out of control. Several council members agreed and said teachers and students need to feel safe in order for students to learn.

Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee agreed there's a problem.

"Chief (Cathy) Lanier and I have talked about school security overall and the need to completely revamp what is going on," she said.

Rhee suggested the school system consider replacing a private security company that handles most security with city police oversight.

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