Amtrak to Riders: We Don't Know How to Quit You

Needing a boost in riders, Amtrak cuts fares

Finally, the recession is working with us, not against us. (Well, as much as it can be.) As ridership continues to decline, Amtrak has cut fares 25 percent on its coach seats, reports Washington Business Journal.

Amtrak is also extending a discount on Acela fares that's been in effect since February.

So if gas prices are too high and you hate that ear-popping thing you get on planes, taking the train may be the way to travel this summer. The discounts are available June 2-Sept. 3. That means you're on your own for Memorial Day, but after that, you can get to NYC for as little as $49.

Remember, those prices are for one way only -- don't bust your budget and end up stuck in Jersey or something.

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