American Music Inaugural Balls Cancellation Still a Mystery

American Music Inaugural Balls Cancellation Still A Mystery was originally published on City Desk on Jan. 22, 2009, at 2:23 pm

As faithful readers know, we have been chronicling the mess that was the American Music Inaugural Balls.The hotel where the balls were to be hosted also felt the fallout from the sudden ball cancellations. Perhaps even ball host Dionne Warwick shed a few tears.

On a website associated with the awesome Ms. Warwick, they wrote about the American Music Inaugural Balls’ cancellation. They blamed the mysterious production issues:

“The American Music Inaugural Ball Committee has cancelled the ‘Ball of Legends’ and ‘Urban Balls,’ and all events associated with the Balls, due to unexpected production issues, it was announced by a Committee Spokesperson.”

The “Committee Spokesperson” still doesn’t have a name. Nor have any of the organizers come forward with an apology, an excuse, or a method on how people can get their money back. Folks have been directed to a pretty lame website with this simple message:

“Continue to watch this site for information regarding your refund which will occur within 30-45 days.”

Not exactly a real confidence builder.

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