They Might Be Giants Play for Kids (and Grownups Later)

Alternative rock legends They Might Be Giants are definitely big, selling out two shows -- one for kids, one for adults on same day at 9:30 Club.

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Alfredo Flores
Always looking to expand their musical horizons, They Might Be Giants hosted a show for both kids and adults, and one just for adults at the 9:30 Club -- selling out both.
Alfredo Flores
They Might Be Giants’ appeal to children is easy to see and hear, with their folksy tunes about science (paleontology, evolution, astronomy, chemistry, anatomy and more), and a fun portion of the concert sung by sock puppets called "The Avatars of They."
Alfredo Flores
They Might Be Giants are 2009 Grammy winners, and their current U.S. tour is in support of their new "Here Comes Science" --arguably the coolest science-based children’s album of all time.
Alfredo Flores
Combining a knack for infectious melodies with a quirky, bizarre sense of humor and a vaguely avant-garde aesthetic borrowed from the New York post-punk underground, They Might Be Giants became one of the most unlikely alternative success stories of the late '80s and early '90s.
Alfredo Flores
They Might Be Giants reference everything from British Invasion to Tin Pan Alley, while making allusion to pulp fiction and former President James K. Polk.
Alfredo Flores
They Might Be Giants took their name from a George C. Scott film and performed their original material with a drum machine.
Alfredo Flores
They Might Be Giants’ duo of John Flansburgh and John Linnell borrowed from everywhere, but their freewheeling eclecticism was enhanced by their arcane, geeky sense of humor.
Alfredo Flores
Initially, the band -- despite building a cult following on the Manhattan underground -- had a hard time getting a record deal, so they set up Dial-A-Song, a phone line that played songs on an answering machine, as a way to get their music heard.
Alfredo Flores
They Might Be Giants' Dial-A-Song worked, leading to their first record deal with indie label Bar/None, and over the years it was a successful venture; at one point, the service was receiving hundreds of calls a day.
Alfredo Flores
TMBG's best-known songs include "Birdhouse in Your Soul," "Don't Let's Start" and their cover of "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)."
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