All the Single Ladies: Mostly Happy

Happiest single ladies are right here in D.C., according to a new story.


The happiest single ladies are right here in D.C.... according to Glamour Magazine and, anyway. (We don't suggest asking your friends if they agree. At least, not if you want to stay optimistic.)

Of the women surveyed, 86.7 percent are happy with their dating lives here in the District. According the study, one reason is that since D.C. is such a transient city, new men keep on coming into town.

Last month, Men's Health ranked D.C. as #1 for most eligible women. And in January, the Daily Beast ranked D.C. as #10 on its list of the best cities to find a date.

Great. Now all these media outlets can join your parents in asking why you haven't settled down yet. Still happy?

And by the way, not everyone paints such a rosy picture of D.C.'s dating scene. Last summer, Bloomberg published an article titled "'Intellectual Meat Market' Makes Washington Long Odds for Single Women."

That piece said that the region has more infertility experts per capita than most places, due to late marriages and delayed child bearing. (Still feeling happy?)

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