All Politics Aside, Value of White House Plummets

Getty Images

Let's break it down: 16 bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, 18 acres of land, historic fixtures, great location, close to Metro.

OK, so there's no on-street parking and no rooftop pool.

Even so, the White House isn't a bad little hunk o' real estate. But just like everyone else's houses, the Obamas' (albeit temporary) abode has taken a big hit in the struggling economy.

Worth a cool $331.5 million at the top of the housing boom, the White House's value has dropped to a measly $253.1 million -- that's a 23.6 percent drop over the past three years.

Those numbers come from real estate website, reports the L.A. Times. "In the last month alone the value dropped almost $4 million," the Times writes.

But think of it this way: Even if you own a home with plummeting value, there's no way yours has done that badly, right? Maybe the government is just trying to make everyone feel better.

One other silver lining: At least you don't have to clean 35 bathrooms.

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