All Aboard The Obama Express

Prez & VP-elects host inauguration events en route to D.C.

WASHINGTON -- In keeping with efforts to make this inauguration the most accessible to the public, President-Elect Barack Obama and Vice President-Elect Joe Biden will hold events in select cities on their journey by train to Washington.

The 2009 Presidential Inaugural Committee announced that Obama will travel with his family from Illinois to Washington by train starting Jan. 17.  Obama and his family will stop in Philadelphia to hold an event, then continue to Wilmington, Del., where he'll be joined by Biden and his family. The team will then hold an event in Wilmington before heading to Baltimore, the last stop before arriving in D.C. Saturday evening.

Obama's inaugural committee said the extra stops along the way will help them include as many Americans as possible who'd like to participate but can't come to D.C.

Details of each of the specific events haven't yet been released but for all the latest on the 2009 Inauguration you can check and the Inaugural committee's Web site.

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