All Aboard the No Cover Train


Gran Central:

The "d" from "grand" seems to have hopped of the train early and left us with Gran Central. It may have had the right idea.

The only benefit of this bar that makes it worth mention is that it has no cover, a fact the bouncers and the website loudly advertise. Keep in mind this attracts the type of people who can't or don't want to pay a cover. That means the crowd is young, underpaid, and already pretty drunk. But it is Adams Morgan, and sometimes it's refreshing to not have to pay at the door for a crowded and subpar bar/club hybrid.

Downstairs is sweaty and the air is heavy with the humid heat of so many bodies packed into the space. As the hour gets later, couples connect, in a mouth-to-mouth resuccitation sort of way. Upstairs is better, but you'll have to fight to squeeze into the small space near the bar. Watching the events of the downstairs area is entertainment enough, if dancing isn't your thing and mismatched coupling is.

Gran Central is the kind of place to go to when you're already drunk. I'm not saying you should drink to have a good time, but here you pretty much have to. Also, they make up for a lack of cover with higher than average drink prices, meaning you should probably pregame elsewhere.

By all means, hop onboard the Gran Central train and go to dance, drink and have a good time. Just don't expect it to be a far cry from anything else you'd find in Adams Morgan. They say you get what you pay for, and here you aren't paying for anything.

2447 18th St. NW, Washington, D.C.

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