“The Color Purple” Author Alice Walker Recalls Moments With MLK Jr.

041510 alice walker p1
Joi-Marie McKenzie

"The Color Purple" author Alice Walker spoke about her time working with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., last night during an intimate talk at Busboys & Poets where the famed scribe recounted moments from her past.

Literary fans, students and activists gathered Wednesday night to hear the author talk about her latest work "Overcoming Speechlessness" and heard stories about her time with Dr. King after meeting him in the early 1960s as a student at Spelman College in Atlanta.  

"I remember walking with Dr. King, bugging him to death and hoping he wouldn't be shot in front of our eyes," said Walker. "We realized that part of what we were doing is changing the course of the entire world by refusing to allow them to deny us our humanity."

Walker also gave advice to many students in the room on how to start change in their own communities. Her suggestion of getting rid of cell phones, iPods and other gadgets that distract people, drew a roaring round of applause.

"I want you to actually enjoy Earth," Walker added. "I want you to know where you are. ...We're fighting such a battle here because gadgets are addictive. But if we're all somewhere else, [then] nobody is here."

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