Adonis DNA at DAR

How Violent Will This Truth Torpedo Be?

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UPDATE: The Sheen show has been pushed back an hour, to start at 9 p.m. tonight.

Do you feel like winning tonight? Are you looking to come in contact with Adonis DNA and maybe some tiger blood? If so, you’ve been warned...

OK, OK, you get the point. Charlie Sheen has so many catchphrases, we weren’t sure which one to turn into a punchy headline for this story. The only one you need to know for tonight, however, is “Violent Torpedo of Truth.” That’s the name of Sheen’s show, coming to DAR Constitution Hall (1776 D St. N.W.) tonight... duh!

Sheen’s show has had mixed reactions in other cities. One concert-goer (or is it show-watcher? rant-listener?) last weekend in Atlantic City  got his money’s worth. No, he wasn’t blown away by the routine; Sheen actually handed him a $100 bill so that he would leave after he began to heckle him.

D.C. attendees should expect nothing less than the same unpredictabiliy Sheen has delivered in other cities. In fact, this show could be the most volatile of all.

Sheen was spotted at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown on Monday, according to the Washington Examiner. He was accompanied by one of his girlfriends, Natalie Kenly. Although this might seem normal to most, it’s only the first indication of how Sheen might be during tonight’s show.

The Examiner’s spies noted that Sheen’s other girlfriend was not with him. Rumor has it she has exited the crazy train. Only one goddess at his side? Sheen cannot be happy about that.

Romantic entanglements aside (well, not quite romantic, but you get the point), the self-proclaimed rock star from Mars might have another reason to be a little off-key. Today Sheen finds out whether his $100 million lawsuit against “Two and a Half Men” production company Warner Bros., and executive producer Chuck Lorre, will be public, as Sheen wants, or arbitrated privately.

Sheen will presumably know the result by tonight. The clash with Lorre and Warner Bros. has played a big role in Sheen’s previous shows, so it’s safe to assume that he will discuss the outcome -- in his typical heated manner.

If you’re at the show tonight, let us know what route he takes. (Did we miss out on any Sheenius puns?)

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