Act Now or Forever Hold Your Jeans

20 Percent Off Jeans at Barney's Co-Op; CubeGuard "Do Not Disturb" Tape; Deliciously Impractical Boots for Fall

SCREAM FOR JEANS: You're probably cringing even thinking about denim during the reign of D.C. humidity, but move fast or lose out. Bring in a pair of gently worn jeans to Barney's Co-op, reports CityShopGirl, and the retailer will give you 20 percent off your next pair. (There's gotta be a "Clash for Clunkers" joke in there somewhere.) Meanwhile, the Co-Op will recycle the denim in partnership with 1% For The Planet. The offer is valid through Aug. 31 at 3040 M St. N.W. and 5471 Wisconsin Ave. N.W., Chevy Chase, Md. (Pictured: women's R13 Loose Skinny Slouchy Jeans in dark indigo, $288, and men's Levi's Capital E in golden haze, $178.)

OFFICE SPACE: Now here's a way to get your coworkers to leave you alone, but not for the reason you might think. CityPaper tipped us off to the existence of the CubeGuard, a smiley-faced tape that you can pull across the entryway to your cubicle when you just really, really need to get your work done. The message: "Do not disturb." (Subtext: We're disturbed enough as it is.) Quoth the wise CityPaper: "[T]he smiley face, even with a zipper for a mouth, sends too much of a mixed message. You want these people to leave you alone." But don't you see? They will. Because they will hate your ugly décor and smarmy attitude. Eventually, they'll leave you alone whether you have the tape up or not. Win/win!

HOT BUTTERED BOOTS: Show Hive (115 S. Royal St., Alexandria) has new fall arrivals from Butter. Our current love: gray suede booties ($246) -- damn it with the booties; we are so sucked into this craze it's pathetic! -- with black suede bows at the toes. The side cutouts are handy for making these shoes completely impractical in that especially stylish way. Think transition weather. And brace for weird tan lines.

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