Access Exclusive: Sarah Palin Talks ‘SNL,' Celebrity Endorsements & Getting Her Own TV Show

Sarah Palin has some advice for her “Saturday Night Live” doppelganger – don’t ditch the Palin costume just yet.

In what could be her last interview before Americans head to the polls, the Alaska governor spoke with Billy Bush for Access Hollywood and “The Billy Bush Show” to talk about her “SNL” spoofs, her thoughts on celebrity political endorsements and her biggest regret from the campaign trail.


“You’ve been running and gunning for two months. You’ve got to be completely exhausted. Did you get to relax a little and watch the top of your ticket perform on ‘Saturday Night Live?’” Billy asked, referring to Sen. John McCain’s appearance on this weekend’s show.

“He was great. He was just a pro at that!” Gov. Palin said. “And we hope that Tina Fey keeps that Sarah Palin outfit that she has because we hope she’ll be needing it a lot in the next four years. We’ll give her some material.”


But while Palin would like to see Tina’s impersonation get some more airtime in the years to come, Fey has been vocal about hoping the joke ends fairly soon.

“[Tina Fey] has said if Palin and McCain win, she’s out. She’s exhausted and can’t do it anymore,” Billy noted. “So this is her grand finale.”

“She’s very talented and it’s been nice to have that kind of levity in the campaign,” Palin admitted. “I’ve really enjoyed it.”

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Of course, the two came face-to-face when the governor, herself, made an “SNL” cameo last month. So what was it like to meet the woman who’s been making American laugh at Palin’s expense?

“It was all positive and she was very gracious,” Palin told Billy. “I got to meet her daughter, which was my highlight. Her sweet little Alice. She’s beautiful. I met her husband and I met her in-laws along the campaign trail. It was a nice connection. She’s very talented and I have respect for her ability to pretend to be other people.”

“Saturday Night Live” has been bi-partisan in their jabs at both tickets, however, it appears the same can’t be said for the political support coming from Hollywood.

“Ninety nine percent of all celebrities it seems are all democrats supporting Barack Obama. Does that help or hurt your campaign?” Billy asked Palin.

“I don’t think that many in celebrity-dom are too much a part of representing the real hard-working middle-class Americans who have great challenges, especially financially,” Palin suggested. “I think they’re kind of another world. I think that what we can understand is the challenges that everyday Americans face. I think that what we’re in is the real world, unlike Hollywood.”

And although she dismissed the importance of celebrities publicly endorsing their candidates, certainly Palin must have a few stars she’s fond of.

“Who is your favorite actor?” Billy asked.

“That’s a good question. I’m so busy with kids and living a good Alaskan outdoor lifestyle, we don’t spend a whole lot of time just sitting and watching TV,” the vice presidential candidate explained.

“Are you a Julia Roberts fan? A Brad Pitt fan? I personally can’t get enough of Christopher Walken,” Billy revealed. “I don’t know why.”

“I love Gary Sinise,” Palin replied.

“He’s a republican supporter! He’s a McCain/Palin guy, right?” Billy followed up.

“Well, what a coincidence,” she laughed.

So while the backing of a celebrity may not carry much weight, according to Palin, would she ever consider making the leap from politics to entertainment one day?

“People in the industry talk that you could be the white Oprah, saying, ‘She’s so controversial and such an amazing figure, she could have her own talk show,’” Billy told the politician. “Is that interesting to you at all to ever do something like that and have your own TV show?”

“What’s interesting to me is knowing that my journalism degree could be put to good use somehow, some way,” she said. “But most interesting and energizing for me is concentrating between now and tomorrow night on making sure voters know they have a clear choice in this election. You’ve got to get out there and vote and put America back on the right track – and you do that with John McCain.”

When it comes to her rapid ascent from relative unknown to worldwide political, and even pop culture, phenomenon, Billy pointed such a quick climb to the spotlight can sometimes come with a price.

“Nobody has ever been launched onto the national stage in such a fashion like you have. Looking back over it all, there’s highs, there’s lows,” Billy said. “If you could be candid for a moment, what is the biggest mistake that you have made?”

“Not being able to anticipate the unfair shots that were taken at my kids and at my and at my record that could so easily have been disproved. Some of the things the media claimed, like I tried to ban books, which were obviously so false. We were unprepared for those inaccuracies in mainstream media, that we couldn’t correct the record fast enough. That kind of hurt in the beginning,” Palin admitted. “And certainly the shots taken against my kids. That’s been frustrating and I wish that all could be undone.

When it comes to the attention her children have received, most notably has been her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, who is pregnant. But how has the teen handled the media attention?

“Did you have to console her? Was she in tears or did it make you cry?” Billy asked the mother of five.

“It didn’t make either one of us cry. Bristol is a very strong young woman and she’s going to be just fine and a wonderful mom. She’s kind of an old soul, beyond her time. She’s ready to take this on as a young mother and start her own family,” Palin continued. “Bristol and I and the rest of the family know this is a team effort. And to be thrust like that into a spotlight on a national scene, was perhaps an unfair shot to be taken. But really, if we don’t have think enough skin at this time, as candidates, and I consider our whole family – this is a candidacy for all of us, we shouldn’t even be running for office. But we know it’s all going to be worth it in the end.”

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