A TKO Event — With Boxers!

Professional boxers walk the runway at their weigh-in... yes, in THEIR boxers

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On Thursday there will be a TKO -- except it'll be outside the boxing ring. Boxers will will participate in Saturday's Jimmy Lange Championship Boxing event will display their "total knockout" bodies at the official weigh-in event this Friday at noon.

The professional boxers will strut down a runway to DJ-spun tunes before stepping on the scales for their official weight. And then the strip-down will begin. The boxers will stip down to their... boxers.

"Professional boxers are some of the world’s best-conditioned athletes who train extremely hard to sculpt their bodies into powerful, fighting-machines," said Jackie Kallen, a.k.a. the "First Lady of Boxing," who heads Ice Promotions. "The public weigh-in is a great place to check these guys out and visually appreciate all of the hard work that goes into their strenuous training regimen. Instead of thin, high-heeled supermodels, fans can expect to see elite athletes in great shape. And, yes, the question of boxers or briefs will be unveiled."

And if you want the answer to that question, be sure to get there early. Limited seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The weigh-in will be staged outside the Gordon Biersch at Tysons Corner Center (1961 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Va.).

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