A Sneak Peak of Film for Northwest Indie Rock Fans

A preview of the much-anticipated (by northwest indie rockers) film "Some Days are Better than Others" is online.

Sad people and people tired-of-being-happy apply below:

The Portland film -- billed as a "charmingly melancholy look at abandonment that asks the question, 'Why do the good times slip by so fast while the sad times seem so sticky?'” --  "Some Days are Better than Others" stars Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein and Shins frontman James Mercer.

Conveniently, director Matt McCormick and cinematographer Greg P. Schmitt have worked with 'em before, on Shins and Sleater-Kinney videos.

They say it's a black comedy, but the trailer simply suggests dark. These days are the others.

Eh, I'm sure no one killed themselves after listening to the "Garden State" soundtrack.

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