A Shirt to Keep Away the Not-Strong-at-Heart

Mr. Tickle T-shirt, Joie Plaid Shirt-Dress, Ice Invaders

IN A TICKLE: Mr. Tickle seemed creepy to us when we were kids -- but imagine the rapid escalation of creepiness when he's on a T-shirt worn by a 28-year-old guy drinking a Red Stripe at Pharmacy Bar. Yeah. And you could even BE that guy! We're not positive what your motivation would be, but we don't have to know everything about your life, right? Choose from the plain tee, ringer (with orange, blue or black edging), baseball jersey (same color options as ringer tee) or long-sleeved (all $16.99).

MAD ABOUT PLAID: Ahhh, the advent of fall. The one time of year we can all dress like lumberjacks and not be ashamed of it. Our suggestion for this year? The Joie Gemini Belted Shirtdress ($244), featured in Urban Chic's blog Living Chic. The dress mixes city style (flirty skirt, nipped waist) with the plaid so necessary for walking through ankle-deep piles of leaves or felling hundred-year-old oaks. Either way. Available at the Georgetown location of Urban Chic (1626 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.).

BLASTED BEVERAGE: Know how you spent your younger years electronically destroying alien fleets? Looks like they've come to take their revenge. In other words: ALL YOUR DRINK ARE BELONG TO US. The Ice Invaders icecube tray ($7.99) reconstitutes the 2D ships of classic arcade game "Space Invaders." The descrip on Home Rule's Web site is too good not to share: "Now you can freeze those precious moments in time with Ice Invaders. 100 percent pure silicone, oven-safe, dishwasher-safe, raygun-safe!" That about sums it up. Available at Home Rule (1807 14th St. N.W.).

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