A-Rod: Me and Madonna Are Just Friends

Slugger clears up all rumors with firm denials

Alex Rodriguez and Madonna are just good friends with a common interest in children--helping them, not making them.

The Yankees third baseman told People magazine that tales of him and the 50-year-old songstress flying around the country together were just not true. "I can tell you this, I have never been on a plane with her." So it's all settled then.

Both Rodriguez and Madonna were in Mexico City last weekend, where A-Rod was conducting a baseball clinic for kids. That's one of the reasons his friendship with Madonna has blossomed. After he was invited to a fundraiser for her charity to help Malawi children, the ballplayer was impressed. "I saw the documentary and it was very inspiring and informative. I saw an opportunity to help and I jumped at that." 

In the interview, Rodriguez said that despite his sudden divorce from his wife Cynthia, they continued to have a great relationship, and said that he sees his kids seven days a week. Reports that he and Madonna are shopping around New York for a home together were also disputed.

When asked to describe how much time the friends were spending together, A-Rod dismissed the question. "If I answered every rumor we'd be here for three weeks."

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