A DJ night With an Inaugural Spin

Rock and Rock Hotel hosts The People's Ball, and hey! You're people.

Some girls swear off ball gowns after they hauled off the eighth hideous bridesmaid dress to Goodwill. And frankly, there are few guys WE know who are happy with actually putting on a tux, unless it's one of those "ironic" powder-blue ruffled jobs from the '70s. OK. We get it. Go collect your snarky anti-establishment hipster friends and hit up The People's Inauguration Ball at The Rock and Roll Hotel tonight. You can still wear jeans, and if you just happen to be filled with hope and optimism today, we won't tell on you.

Scottie B (Unruly Records, Bmore)
Deep Sang (Dirty Bombs, DC)
Mike 2600 (Burlesque, MN)

THE HOTEL BAR (Second floor):
Stereofaith (Feedback, DC)
Cousin Cole  (Flagrant Fowl/Panty Raid, BK)
Bitch Ass Darius (NES Records, MPLS)
Nacey (Nouveau Riche, DC)
Meistro  (Dirty Bombs, DC)

The Hotel Bar opens at 6:30 p.m. and DJs spin from 9 p.m.-2:30 a.m. And if the block-long line o' tourists outside of Ben's Chili Bowl is making you shrivel up just a little bit inside, rest assured that the Rock and Roll Hotel's kitchen is open from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Tickets are 10 bucks, but you CAN'T order them ahead of time. A limited number of tix will be released at the door and it's first come, first served.

You know, sort of like the stampede downtown this morning.

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