A Call To Arms

Local gun owners stocking up before Obama takes office

You could find enough guns and ammo to supply an army at the annual gun show at the Dulles Expo Center on Saturday. And a lot more people are stocking up.

Why all the enthusiasm? Gun enthusiasts and owners like Jack McClure said the deck is stacked against them with President-elect Barack Obama, and they want to be prepared.

"There's gonna be a real strong attempt to roll back some of the progress we've made in the last eight years in terms of just access and 2nd Amendment rights and that sort of thing," said McClure.

People on the gun show circuit say there has been a 50 percent increase in legal gun sales since the election. There are new gun owners; women among them.

Gun show promoter, Annette Elliott, said the President-elect's position on guns, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's anti-gun stance and knowing that Vice President-Elect Joe Biden authored the ban on assault weapons,  "All these things combined are scaring people and they're buying in droves."

The economy was a factor for some, who saw investment opportunities in collecting.

Promoters also attribute the lifting of DC's gun ban to this year's larger crowds.

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