‘American Idol's' Bikini Girl: ‘Of Course Playboy Has Called'

Katrina Darell didn’t make a lot of friends when she auditioned for “American Idol” in a bikini, but Playboy sure took notice.

According to the recently ousted chanteuse, known on the show as Bikini Girl, the men’s magazine is one of the many places that has expressed an interest in the booted reality hopeful, following her “Idol” departure on Wednesday’s episode.

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“[I’ve had] a lot of different offers like Vegas promotion offers. Of course Playboy has called,” Katrina told Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts on Thursday afternoon.

And it appears the brunette beauty, who hit the Access set in a strapless, corseted black dress, ankle boots and hot pink nails, has opened a discussion with the bunny brand.


“I wouldn’t say no, but at the same time I don’t want to stunt my career by jumping into that too soon and be labeled once again, as ‘just a body.’ But I don’t knock it,” she said.

Katrina, who found early favor with judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, and an audition altercation with new judge Kara DioGuardi, said accepting any offer from Playboy would be all about “timing.”

Whether she would ditch the bikini for a Playboy shoot though is up in the air.

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“I don’t know. I would have to think about that,” she said. “My dad would probably kill me.”

As “Idol” fans know, Katrina was axed from the show during Hollywood week, after failing to impress the judges in a group audition. During the show, Katrina was shown heading to bed while her fellow group members stayed up practicing.

Katrina told Tony that what fans saw on TV wasn’t exactly the way things went down.

“I did rehearse a lot more than they showed. I had auditioned all day, then at midnight they gave me a new song to learn and then I had to be up and ready to perform at 7, so I stayed up ‘til 4:30 and then I started getting delirious,” she explained. “Then the girls were being catty, and it was impossible to work with them — one’s taking off and having cigarette breaks, the other one is a minor, has her parent looking over me the whole time and then the other one said, ‘ I’m the best singer and I should sing the beginning,’ and I’m like, ‘I’m so tired, I can’t do this.’ You know I’m not in a girl group, I’m a solo artist.”

Katrina’s appearance on Season 8 of “American Idol” was marked by more than just girl fights and her bikini-clad audition. She also made waves for her crush on show host, Ryan Seacrest, whom she kissed on numerous occasions.

“He seemed timid, scared. He was like, I wanna kiss back, but I can’t,” Katrina said of their smooch. “[Ryan’s] bottom lip pouted out [when I kissed him].”

And, according to Katrina, who is single, she has an interest in the spiky-haired blonde.

“Yes, he’s hot, for sure,” she said.

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