Fool Him Once …

89-year-old man fends off suspected flimflam ring

STAFFORD, Va. -- After being charged an exorbitant amount for having his driveway sealed, an 89-year-old Stafford man wasn't about to let the same people get away with robbing his home. Instead, he chased them off with a gun.

On Thursday, four men who police said described themselves as Romanian gypsies approached the man and said they had sealed his driveway several years ago and were wondering if he'd like them to do it again. He agreed at a cost of $2,000 cash.

Later, the man's son -- shocked by the price -- took him to the Stafford County Sheriff's Office to file a report, reported.

The same man called 911 Friday to report the gypsies' return. He told authorities they came back to his home, and while one man distracted him outside, the other three entered the home. When the victim went back inside, he found the gypsies ransacking his bedroom and trying to take his safe.

The victim was knocked to the ground, but he didn't give up. He grabbed a handgun from under his mattress.

The intruders didn't flee immediately, authorities said. They taunted the man, daring him to use the gun, but eventually they left empty-handed.

"I think the great depiction of this gentleman is very sharp and very brave," said Maj. David Decatur.

A sheriff's deputy spotted the suspects red Chevrolet pickup truck, and after a short pursuit, the four men were arrested.

Christopher A. Yoanis, 21, of Philadelphia; Larry L. Frank, 33, of Charlotte, N.C.; Alex Yoanis, 65, of Charlotte; and John J. Frank, 36, of Margate, Fla., are charged with multiple offenses including abduction, burglary, grand larceny and assault.

Anyone with information about the suspects or who may have been victimized by the scam should call the Stafford County Sheriff's Office.

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