Zoo’s 50th Kori Bustard Chick Hatches

No, there's no typo there.

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National Zoo
The National Zoo’s 50th kori bustard chick hatched last week, making what all presume is kori bustard history. The zoo has been breeding them since 1997, participating in a program to match the parental birds with partners across the country to ensure genetic diversity.
National Zoo
This little one has a lot of growing to do. "Weighing in at 40 pounds, male kori bustards are the world’s heaviest flying birds," the zoo said.
National Zoo
Bird House staff hand-rear all kori chicks, which both increases the likelihood it will breed successfully when it reaches maturity, and to protect it from wild birds of prey that reside on zoo grounds.
National Zoo
Although the new chick will not be on exhibit until mid-August, visitors to the zoo can see its parents at the kori bustard exhibit outside the Bird House.
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