4,500 More Hotel Rooms Available for Inauguration

4,500 More Hotel Rooms Available for Inauguration was originally published on Housing Complex on Dec. 09, 2008, at 3:04 pm

Sorry Craigslisters! Here’s one less reason to believe your $20,000 inauguration rental offer is going to bring in the big bucks (via the Washington Post):

About 1,500 rooms inside the Capital Beltway and 3,000 outside the Beltway became available last week, when advance room contracts were not signed, said William A. Hanbury, president of Destination DC, the District’s official convention and tourism corporation.

“They’re not cheap,” he said of the rooms, but “if you want them, you better go after them.” Local rooms last week were averaging about $650 a night, another tourism expert said.

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