1789 Lightens Up

Restaurant in Georgetown offers summer menu and eases dress code.

It's only mid June and already the air in Washington is as thick as pea soup. And when you're out in the hot, sticky weather, that's probably the last thing you want to eat.

In an effort to keep it cool this summer, the venerable 1789 Restaurant in Georgetown is changing things up. Starting Monday, 1789 is offering a summer special, Georgetown Week reported. Think light, fresh and local, like Virginia Asparagus Salad with Surryano Ham, Serena Cheese with Blis Sherry Vinegar.

Are your taste buds tingling?

Then follow up with orechiette (little ear pasta) with house-cured pancetta with English peas and Lewes Dairy cream; or crispy fried soft shell crab with Anson Mill's grits and local asparagus; or roast chicken breast with Arrowleaf spinach, red spring onion and pan dripping vinagrette.

And you can eat all that without breaking a sweat.

What's more, the upscale restaurant known for special occasions, romantic corners and perhaps some fussiness is relaxing its dress code. For the summer only, gentleman's jackets are optional. How's that for chilling out? Who knows, 1789 might draw a whole different kind of crowd altogether this summer.

Not to be outdone by all the light and fresh entrees, the pastry chef is creating some decadent desserts for the summer too. Try honey funnel cake with nectarines and raspberry ice cream, oatmeal cookie blueberry crisp with absinthe-apricot sherbet, sticky bun ice cream sundae with butterscotch cherry stew, and more. As for the desserts, fresh? Yes. Light? Depends on your definition.

The restaurant is even loosening up on the prices. The summer special costs $35 per person (beverages, tax and gratuity not included). You can select any combination of two dishes from the dinner menu and one from the dessert menu. The menu will change throughout the summer to incorporate the freshest produce available at the local farms.

The offer lasts until Sept. 15, and before you know it, the summer will be over and you'll be forced to break out that stuffy blazer once again.

You can get the summer special offer from www.1789restaurant.com. Bring it with you to the restaurant at 1226 36th St. NW.

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