13-Year-Old Leads Police to Poolesville Grinches

Men accused of stealing packages from outside homes

ROCKVILLE, Md. -- An alert 13-year-old boy called police after seeing two men take a delivery from a home on Cattail Road in Poolesville Tuesday.
The boy was able to describe the men and their vehicle, and when police found them, they also found packages meant for other families, according to the Montgomery County Police Department.
The package taken from the front porch of the Cattail Road home contained two laptop computers worth more than $1,200. That package as well as several other packages were found in the suspects' black Volkswagen, police said.
Officers also found a UPS uniform in the car, police said. One of the suspects, 19-year-old Alfredo Moran, was supposed to begin working for UPS next week. He has been fired.
Moran and 23-year-old Luis Enrique Escurra-Backus face several theft charges and a conspiracy to commit theft charge.

What can you do for brown?

Police cautioned residents receiving delivered gifts to bring them inside as soon as possible. Residents should make arrangements with neighbors about looking out for each other's deliveries when no one's home.
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