1201 Salon

1201 Salon is in business!

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Kriss Mincey
1201 Salon celebrated its grand opening at 2526 L St. N.W.
Kriss Mincey
Surrounded by soaps and conditioners, everything is right in the world. "I see, I see...I see prosperity in your future," says the lady of the soap.
Getty Images
The salon pulled all the stops, serving everything from quesadillas, cheeses, meats, crackers, and red and white wines.
NBC 5 News
Owner Nadia Zarkeshian took charge of 1201's warm decor. Zarkeshian says she wants to keep the salon intimate and personal.
1201 Salon offers styling, cuts, color, waxing, nails, massage therapy and more.
Kriss Mincey
Zarkeshian has built the one-stop-shop for the ideal girl day. Ah, so good to be a girl.
Kriss Mincey
Let the people at 1201 Salon take care of you. Grab a pillow, get a pedi, go for the new cut. Whatever it is, it's what they do.
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