1 Dress + 365 Days = The Uniform Project

One woman's plan: To wear the same dress every day for a year.

You think you have nothing to wear? Try being Sheena Matheiken, who's got one dress to take her through the next four seasons. But seriously, Matheiken created The Uniform Project for a good cause: Any support she receives will go to educate children living in the slums in India via the Akanksha Foundation.

Here's how it works: Matheiken accessorizes the dress, a simple button-up-the-front shift designed by her friend Eliza Starbuck, into a new outfit every single day. She then snaps a shot of the combo du jour and posts it on her website, theuniformproject.com, where project followers can vote.

And lest you have the same, ah, hygiene questions that we did, rest assured: Matheiken will rotate through several versions of the exact same dress.

Read more about the project at Racked.

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