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Seeing Through the Smoke: Document List



    Famous Showdowns Between Outlaws and the Law
    D.C. Fire and EMS

    Tisha Thompson and the News 4 I-Team filed multiple D.C. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for DCFEMS documents starting in February 2012. Under D.C. law, these documents were supposed to be provided within 15 days unless the city asked for an extension of time.

    After waiting more than a year, the I-Team and it’s lawyers began a legal fight with the government demanding access to these documents, which resulted in pointed questions during D.C. Council hearings and the hiring of a new D.C. FEMS FOIA officer.

    We finally received many of the documents we requested this summer.

    Take a look at some of the documents we used for this series:

    • Downgrades: Details on the number of downgrades per shift per day in a six month period
    • Vacancies: A list of unfilled positions within DC FEMS as of June 2013
    • Paramedic Separations: The number of paramedics who have left DCFEMS in the last few years
    • DCFEMS Pay Schedule: A list of every position, filled or unfilled, in DCFEMS and how much it pays
    • DCFEMS Response Time Presentation: DCFEMS provided this document a few hours before our story aired. It was not part of our original FOIA request.
    • Downgrades by Ward: This document was provided by the DC Firefigthers Association Local 36 to the News 4 I-Team to show the impact of downgrades on each ward so far in 2013.