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Former Southwest Airlines Pilot Accused of Indecent Exposure During Flight

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Southwest Airlines

Multiple federal law enforcement officials and sources confirm a former Southwest Airlines pilot is being charged with committing a “lewd” indecent act mid-flight from Philadelphia to Orlando in August.

A court filing obtained by the News4 I-Team said Michael Haak “intentionally committed an act of lewd, indecent and obscene exposure of his genitals in a public place.”

The filing from federal prosecutors said, “The acts began, continued and were completed while the aircraft was in flight.”

Haak was allegedly piloting Southwest Airlines Flight 6607 directly from Pennsylvania to Florida on Aug. 10. A federal law enforcement official confirmed the FBI and other federal agents were investigating the case.

Charging documents do not specify where the lewd act occurred on the plane but specified that Haak “exposed his genitals” during the flight.

Attorney information is not available for Haak. 

“The pilot in question is no longer employed by Southwest Airlines and departed the company last year prior to us becoming aware of the matter,” a Southwest Airlines spokeswoman said. “The event was recently brought to our attention, and we've cooperated with the appropriate outside agencies as they investigate. Southwest Airlines takes all matters related to workplace conduct very seriously, with a well-defined policy and reporting process for harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation claims. Our corporate culture is built upon treating others with mutual respect and dignity, and the events alleged in this situation are inconsistent with the behavior that we require of our employees.”

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