Wine Wednesday: Fabbioli Cellars


Fabbioli is fabuloso! At least, that's what we heard from the patrons sipping the wine the day of our visit. 

A trip to Fabbioli Cellars (5669 Limestone School Road, Leesburg, Va.) offers two outcomes: a relaxing day by the bonfire with friends, or a very demonstrative, intimate chat about wine if you choose the group tasting. Don't worry -- this is a win/win situation. 
This family-owned winery calls its home the country, far from traffic. There's more cows than people, and the old tractors in the yard prove their point.
As far as wines go, don't miss their tasty pear wine, which comes in a very large bottle and looks rather intimidating with the whole pear just sitting there staring at you. Don't be intimidated, though. After all, it's just a pear.
Another treat was the 2011 Chardonnay that hits all the right notes. 
Fabbioli is also earth-friendly with such practices as the return/reuse program. Customers will get a dollar for each (empty) bottle of wine they bring back. 
The winery is open daily from 11 a.m to 5 p.m with a tasting fee of $10 per person.
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