Pics: Maymont Estate and Gardens

On this American county estate, you'll find the historic 12,000-square-foot Maymont house museum, an arboretum, gardens, and activities throughout the year.

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Dennis Waterman
Maymont, a picturesque Victorian estate located in Richmond, is surrounded by an arboretum, Japanese gardens, a children's farm and a 40-acre nature center. Not bad.
Dennis Waterman
Maymont's nature center offers a look into the creatures native to Virginia. Bring your camera to capture the 20-foot waterfall that fills the large aquariums that the otters, turtles and fish call home. You can also hit the easy button with a tram ride around the estate, available June through August.
In the wildlife center, you can see creatures native to Virginia... including the bobcat!
Dale Quarterman
You can tour the historic 12,000-square-foot Maymont house museum for $5/person, with our without a tour guide.
Kelly Armentrout
Maymont is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its Japanese Garden in 2012, and has several coming up, including a bonsai exhibit and a party.
Dennis McWaters
You can tour the 33-room mansion for $5, either with a tour guide or on your own (Tuesdays through Sundays) to imagine how the one-percenters lived a hundred years ago.
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