Off The Main Track at Dover Harbor

Sometimes you just need to to travel on the roads less taken. And by roads we mean railroads, of course. Travel in class aboard the Dover Harbor as you embark on the annual trip to Williamsburg and Newport News this spring.

The Dover Harbor is an American sleeper-lounge-buffet railroad car that is the only heavyweight Pullman revenue passenger car still in operation.
Aboard the fully restored, circa-1923 railcar, you can nosh on fresh meals and settle into a private double bedroom as an overnight guest. The railcar can travel as far west as Portland, Ore., or as close to home as Richmond. 
This April 28, hop aboard the Dover Harbor to depart from Washington's Union Station (or Alexandria) for the Annual Williamsburg and Newport News day trip. The trip will include free breakfast and a dinner for the return trip. You have the option to get off in Williamsburg or stay on board to travel to Newport News. 
The ride is $229 for non-members. For more info, call 610-429-5858.  
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