Hunger Games Laser Tag

May the odds be ever in your favor!

TagParty RECON (8550 Fair St., Savage Md.), a laser tag facility 45 minutes from D.C., is hosting special "Hunger Games" events for $25 per person.

The competition will pit tributes -- those (un)lucky individuals selected for the Games -- against one another in a test of their survival and hunting skills.

It features advanced "weaponry" (no, you're not getting a real bow and arrows) and new tasks to complete. You'll have to find your weapons and supplies in the outdoor arena, and also collect tokens -- meaning you can't just hide out in the arena waiting until almost everyone else is "dead."

The 90-minute session of the Hunger Games outdoor tactical laser tag includes an orientation and mission briefing (30 minutes), gear-up and deployment/mission (50 minutes), and extraction and debrief /scoring (10 minutes). 

You can make reservations online for sessons from April 2 to 6. Unlike the real Hunger Games, these are open to ages 13 and up.

If you're looking for regular ol' laser tag, you can find that here, too. A detailed storyline is provided. Players are then geared up with equipment to compete in a 45-minute play session, before receiving a 10-minute debriefing on their performances.

Equipment includes laser taggers, flags and recharge station devices with the ability to heal players and provide them with ammo. Prior registration is not required, though it is suggested for groups of more than four people.

The price for each session is $25 per person, with increasing discounts based on the number of people in each party.

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