Blackwater Falls, With a Side of Skiing

Blackwater Falls offers impressive icy views -- great when you need a break from the 76 ski slopes nearby.

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Need a break from the slopes? Visit Blackwater Falls State Park, located in Canaan Valley, W.V., to watch flowing water (or towering ice) drop five stories and twist through an eight-mile-long gorge.
If you want to stay right in the park, choose from a room in the lodge ($99-$125), or your own pet-friendly cabin (starting at $121 per night). The cold-impervious can also opt for a campsite.
Two overlooks provide different views of the falls. Drive to the all-access, or hike up the trail from the Trading Post to view the "black" water (actually, amber-colored when it's flowing). The color is due to tannic acid from fallen hemlock and red spruce needles -- but when it's frozen over, ice is ice.
If you like sliding down snow more than looking at ice, good thing there's two ski resorts nearby. Canaan Valley and Timberline offer a combined total of 76 slopes, also with their own lodging.
Blackwater Falls and the two ski resorts are located in Davis, W.V. in the Canaan Valley (pronounced ca-NANE), about 170 miles west of downtown D.C.
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