Pics: A Colorful World at the Crayola Factory

Inside the Crayola Factory in Easton, Penn.

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Crayola Factory
The Crayola Factory (30 Centre Square Easton, Penn., about 200 miles north of D.C.) is full of projects and exhibits -- and, of course, the World's Largest Crayon.
Crayola Factory
The Crayola Factory isn't actually a manufacturing plant, but a museum and visitor center for the public -- although the real factory is just next door. The discovery center inside showcases the manufacturing process of crayons -- one of the only places in the world to see them made the same way that they've been since 1903.
Crayola Factory
You'll also find more than a dozen exhibits to explore, including the Crayola Hall of Fame (retired crayon colors); Inside Out, where kids (cough, anyone) can draw on the walls), and Crayola After Dark, where kids can use light wands on the wall to create glowing designs.
Crayola Factory
Melted wax ready for molding.
Crayola Factory
Blue crayons in their infancy.
Crayola Factory
Orange crayons-to-be.
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