Seaport Day in Alexandria: Build a Boat Out of Anything That Floats

Picture that famous "Little Rascals" soap box derby... only this race happens on water, using just about anything that floats.

Seaport Day in Alexandria -- featuring the aptly named Anything That Floats Race -- is coming up Sept. 26 at Waterfront Park (0 Prince Street, Alexandria, Virginia).

The race is only part of the fun. The Alexandria Seaport Foundation's Seaport Day is a six-hour bash with beer, wine and (of course) a chowder competition. The kid-friendly event will also offer educational exhibits, kids' activities and live music as you cheer on competitors sailing down the Potomac River.

The event is free, but there's a $100 race registration fee for those who want to compete. In addition to a boat exhibit, you'll likely see some boat-building before the event, when participants will construct boats using, quite literally, anything that floats. Cardboard, milk jugs and even old bicycles are on the list of permitted items.

The Alexandria Seaport Foundation aims to help at-risk youth turn their lives around and provides families, community groups, and schools with meaningful experiences, according to its Facebook page.

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