Relive Your Favorite Childhood Games at Adult Play Date

The point here is to be active while at least mildly embarrassing yourself

Remember those epic childhood games of hide-and-go-seek or tag or anything that involved running around outside screaming at the top of your lungs? The City Vault remembers, and it wants you to relive that whimsical, active time in your life (scraped knees optional).

The City Vault is throwing its third annual Adult Play Date, Saturday, Aug. 10 at American University (4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW). The event is designed to get adults off their exercise machines and outside for a little old-school fun.

Starting at 12 p.m., teams of four can compete in everything from tug of war and volleyball to a blind water relay and crab soccer. The point here is to be active while at least mildly embarrassing yourself. Registration is $50; you can sign up online.

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Awards will be given out at the end, including prizes for the top three teams, best costume and top donator. An after-party will include food, drinks, raffle prizes, a live DJ and more.

Adult Play Date only has five rules:

1.) Be a good sport.

2.) Don’t cheat (more or less the same as #1).

3.) Give it your all.

4.) Talk trash in a friendly way.

5.) Of course, have fun!

Proceeds from the charity raffle will go to The H.O.P.E Scholarship Initiative, an organization dedicated to providing scholarships to students with financial needs.
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