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Home décor renewal season has arrived!

With spring finally here, many homeowners want to spruce up their living room and/or family room by redecorating. Out goes the worn, stained or dated seating we’ve had for years, replaced by modern, more design-forward statement pieces that are as comfortable as they are stylish.

But as grand as our redecorating plans may be, we often feel limited by the dimensions of our home. Meaning as much as we adore that new loveseat, chaise, or recliner, sometimes they simply won’t fit in our living room, TV room, or den. Other times, a specific piece might fit a certain room, but the fabric and color are all wrong for your home or personal tastes.

Thankfully, Hamiltons Sofa & Leather Gallery is here to help. By offering affordable, quality, and brand name furniture that is highly customizable, Hamiltons ensures that its customers aren’t at the mercy of a room’s challenging square footage or limited by the lack of design options.

How the sofa and sectional customization process works

The process of designing a custom sofa or sectional for your home is simple and tailored to your unique home décor needs. The process is made even easier thanks to Hamiltons’ knowledgeable and talented design team, who will help guide you through each step of the furniture customization process.

Three easy steps to customize your living and family room furniture

  1. First, you’ll begin your furniture customization journey at the Hamiltons Design Center which allows you to select your preferred item (from sofas to sectionals), then choose the body and pillow fabrics, before finally settling on a welt and finish.

  2. Next up is the Hamiltons Room Planner, a web-based program that allows you to visualize your furniture placement, map conversational areas, arrange rugs, and determine focal points without the hassle of pushing a sofa or carrying an accent table. In other words, you’ll be turning that Pinterest-inspired home decor dream you’ve been having into a stylish and functional reality.

  3. Last but not least, you’ll contact one of the Hamiltons furniture showrooms nearest you and request to speak with a customization specialist who’ll work with you to review your Design Center and Room Planner ideas as well as walk you through the complete design process, step by step.

Helpful side notes as you consider customizing furniture with Hamiltons

Unlike most large furniture chains in our area, Hamiltons is a family-owned business with more than 30 years delighting customers in search of quality, customizable furniture for their living and family rooms.

Customers have the option of uniquely customizing their furniture items -- a process that can take up to 30-days from start to finish after design details have been finalized. Or customers can instead purchase beautiful, high-quality and in-stock showroom pieces (both modern and classic) that Hamiltons is happy to offer next-day delivery on.

Don’t let the dimensions of your home or the narrow options of stock furniture limit your design dreams. Visit one of Hamiltons Sofa & Leather Gallery’s four DC metro area locations to start planning your gorgeous spring redecorating project today.

For more information about Hamiltons or the brands it carries 

Visit for additional details on customizable furniture brands available as well as to peruse through a wide selection of living room and family room furniture options for your home, style or budget.

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