Red Bull’s Flugtag Flies (Or Maybe Not) Over National Harbor

Getty Images

If you've never seen Flugtag, you owe it to yourself to figure out what all the fuss is about.

Every year features another crowning example of human failure, surpassed only by the better example of pure physical entertainment.

Flugtag -- a Red Bull tradition in which participants enter "flying machines” and attempt to fly them the longest distance in order to win -- will be hosted in five different cities this year. 

Red Bull has been sponsoring a yearly flugtag, or flight day, every year since 1992.
Competitors often pummel into the water below before a decent "flight" can even be achieved, but the event has proven to be extremely popular despite/because of the participants' imminent defeat.
Will you see an actual successful flight during the flugtag? Probably not, but you will see a whole lot of people trying and having a blast even through spectacular, albeit hilarious, failure.
The D.C. area's event is set for Saturday, Sept. 21 at National Harbor. For tickets, visit LivingSocial, and for more information visit the Red Bull site.
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