PHOTOS: Sea Lion Pup Born at National Zoo

The National Zoo welcomed its first newborn sea lion in 32 years over the weekend. The pup appears to be nursing, moving and vocalizing well, the zoo said.

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Smithsonian National Zoo
Smithsonian National Zoo
The pup was born Monday to 11-year-old mom Calli. Keepers are staying hands-off for now to allow Calli and the little one time to bond -- so it may be awhile before we find out the pup's sex, the zoo said.
Smithsonian National Zoo
Keepers are allowing Calli to take care of her baby without interference.
Smithsonian National Zoo
"Both will remain off-exhibit until Calli's behavior indicates that she is ready to introduce the pup to the other members of the colony," the zoo said Wednesday.
Smithsonian National Zoo
Keepers had suspected a pup was on the way based on Calli's physical changes, appetite and weight gain, the zoo said. A radiograph in April confirmed the pregnancy.
Smithsonian National Zoo
The zoo had received a recommendation to breed Calli and the pup's dad, 8-year-old Jetty, from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums; Species Survival Plan (SSP). The program matches individual animals across the country for breeding to maintain a healthy, genetically diverse population, the zoo said.
Smithsonian National Zoo
Keepers watched the pup's birth in an off-exhibit area. They are monitoring the pup, who appears to be nursing, moving and vocalizing well, the zoo said.
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