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Interactive Art Exhibit Shows Mysteries of the Human Mind in Southwest DC

ARTECHOUSE presents "Life of a Neuron," an interactive art exhibit portraying how our brains interact with addiction, stress and social media.

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Using decades of neuroscience data and research, ARTECHOUSE has developed an interactive art exhibit exploring the intricacy of the human mind.

This groundbreaking collaboration between artists and scientists is the first immersive exploration of the brain through technology-based art. It allows anyone to experience the "Life of a Neuron."

Neurons are cells found in the nervous system in charge of transmitting information to other nerve cells, gland cells and muscles throughout the body. The exhibit visually and interactively displays their complexity and their role through digital art.

Photos: Interactive Art Exhibit Shows Mysteries of the Human Mind in Southwest DC

The self-guided exhibit first captivates you in the main hall. A 20-minute video displayed across the entire room allows you to visually and auditorily experience the lifecycle of a neuron.

The exhibit's side rooms explore the anatomy of addiction within the brain, whether it is due to caffeine, alcohol, drugs or technology. Visitors can also witness how the brain reacts to stress and social media.

Some of the key features included in the exhibit are a kinetic sculpture that analyzes and reacts to the audience's stress levels, a real-time simulation presenting the pathway of light from our eyes and a cocktail bar displaying the impact certain ingredients have on our thinking.

The art exhibit entirely rooted in science will run from Sept. 27 to Nov. 28. It is open to the public 7 days a week and tickets may be purchased online.

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