PHOTOS: Explore an Underwater Ice World at National Building Museum's ICEBERGS Exhibit

Who said you can't surround yourself with ice this summer? The National Building Museum's ICEBERGS exhibit opened Saturday, so now through Sept. 5, you can see what it would be like to explore icebergs from the ocean surface, from underwater, and even from inside them.

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The National Building Museum's ICEBERGS exhibit transports you to a world of icebergs in the middle of the summer. Discover slides, beanbags, shaved ice and more while exploring the exhibit, located in the Great Hall of the museum.
Blake Richardson
Slip down a 15-foot-long slide, or take a break from wandering and rest on a beanbag. You can also buy some Japanese kakigori shaved ice for a chilly treat.
Blake Richardson
You don't have to swim to see icebergs from underwater. To check out the icebergs to the beat of live music and enjoy food from a vendor, head to ICEBERGS Late Nights, happening Wednesdays from 6 to 10 p.m. until Aug. 31.
Blake Richardson
What a better way to understand icebergs than go inside one? You can take a peek inside several icebergs.
Blake Richardson
Admire the beauty of the exhibit while brushing up on your iceberg knowledge. You can read interesting facts pasted on icebergs throughout the exhibit.
Blake Richardson
See what icebergs look like from the ocean surface by climbing the stairs in the exhibit's largest iceberg to catch a glimpse from the 20-foot-high observation deck.
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