Ice Cream Sandwich

How to Make an Ice Cream Sandwich, According to an Expert

Ice cream sandwiches can be as simple as you like. For the DIY crowd this National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, here's how to fully customize them

Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich.
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An ice cream sandwich is one of the best desserts to bite into on a hot summer day, some might say. The handheld treat is indulgent-yet-refreshing and can be customized to your liking. Ice cream can be layered between chocolate chip cookieschocolate wafer cookies and Oreo cookies. Whichever version you prefer, be sure to celebrate that ice cream sandwich preference on on Aug. 2: National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

While ice cream sandwiches are available in grocery stores and from ice cream trucks, you can also make your own at home. Given the nature of the sandwich, it's fairly hard to get it wrong. Anthony Sobotik, co-founder of Lick Honest Ice Creams in Austin, Texas, has been serving ice cream sandwiches at his stores since 2016. He says it took about two years for Lick to nail down the perfect ice cream sandwich, now available in five different flavors, like Hill Country Honey & Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Peanut Butter, plus seasonal offerings.

During his research, Sobotik said he learned the do’s and don’ts of making ice cream sandwiches — and discovered products that can be helpful in the kitchen along the way. His first piece of advice? “Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the process. Ice cream should never be stressful.”

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