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For entrepreneurs who want to run their own business and help their clients, the Allstate Agency ownership opportunity offers a rewarding career in the D.C. metropolitan area.

That's why Allstate is looking for local candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to run his or her own business, from hiring and motivating a staff to obtaining the appropriate licenses. 

In other words, Allstate wants candidates just like Leydine Zapata and Yulmi Sanchez, sisters who exemplify the type of motivated entrepreneurs ideally suited to running their own insurance office. 

After immigrating from El Salvador to Washington D.C. in 1989, Leydine and Yulmi had to learn English and enter the American school system. This rapid acclimation didn't stop both from excelling academically, and Leydine graduated as an Honor Roll student.

When it came to careers, both women gravitated to insurance. Yulmi started as a receptionist for an insurance agent, while Leydine worked as a mortgage broker while also attending Montgomery College. As Yulmi worked her way up, obtaining her Property and Casualty License and becoming an Office Manager, she began considering becoming an agent.  By 2010 -- encouraged by her success rate and inspired by her entrepreneurial dreams -- she decided to open up her own Allstate Agency in Wheaton, MD because of the unlimited earning potential and the fact she would own the economic interest in the book of business. Today, she insures over 1,000 households and continues to grow every year.

Inspired by her sister, Leydine opened up her own Allstate Agency less than a year after Yulmi in Silver Spring, MD. She now employs a staff of three, insures 650 customers and, just like her sister, continues to grow purely on referrals and word-of-mouth due to her strong foundation in the community. Both Yulmi and Leydine have strong networks in their local communities which allows them to grow through referrals.

Yulmi and Leydine are model candidates for the Allstate Agency ownership opportunity. These bilingual, entrepreneurial sisters love insurance and are passionate about helping their customers and the D.C.-area Hispanic community.

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