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Elvira Bacigalupo has always had strong women in her life, who taught her the value of hard work and compassion from a young age.

That’s why the Allstate Insurance owner and mother of a three year old son believes a solid work ethic is the key to success, whether she’s running her local business or caring for her family.

It’s a guiding principle she attributes to her mother.

“My mother taught me my work ethic and to remember, no matter what I do, it needs to be done with heart and care!”

It’s this commitment to compassionate care that drew Elvira to Allstate, which gave her the opportunity to serve her community by offering personalized services within the insurance market.

“Allstate has a great reputation of providing outstanding services to its members, so I decided to join the team 18 years ago,” Elvira says. “I like the support, training and recognition I have received from Allstate over the years.”

This support is what makes the Allstate Agency Ownership program so compelling. For entrepreneurs who want to run their own business and help their clients, the Allstate Agency Ownership opportunity offers a rewarding career in the D.C. metropolitan area. That's why Allstate is looking for local candidates like Elvira, professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to run her own business, from hiring and motivating a staff to obtaining the appropriate licenses.

Today, Elvira has built a successful business by providing outstanding service and listening carefully to customer needs. As a result, she enjoys strong and lasting relationships with each of her clients.

Being her own boss has also allowed Elvira to balance business with family life and other commitments in her community. After losing her mother at age 12, Elvira turned to her older sister Marina for guidance. A successful businesswoman in her own right, Marina taught Elvira how to focus on both her family and her career.

Elvira flourished, and when motherhood came calling, the added responsibility only enhanced her ability to be a successful Allstate Agency Owner.

“Being a woman has connected me with my customers because being a mother, sister, wife, aunt and friend, I understand many of the struggles my customers face and I can be more empathetic during difficult times – especially when life happens and accidents occur.”

In fact, Elvira believes that women are uniquely prepared to take on the exciting opportunities and challenges of being an Allstate Agency Owner, as well as benefit from the advantages the flexible schedule can allow.

“I would encourage women to become Allstate Agents as they can be a positive and driving force in their communities. We understand what it takes to keep things in balance with work and family,” Elvira says. “While some days we may need to work a little extra, on others, we are able to leave the office a little earlier to be with our family during special events. As long you have goals and clear expectations on how to achieve those goals, you can arrange your schedule to best fit your career and family demands.”

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