D.C.’s Rock Monarchs: U.S. Royalty

We have our own rock monarchs here in Washington, D.C. Their name is U.S. Royalty and they just so happen to be on tour.

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sarah pixley
We have our own rock monarchs here in Washington, D.C. U.S. Royalty consists of the brothers Thornley (John: vocals, Paul: guitar), drummer Luke Adams and bassist Jacob Michael.
Sarah Pixley
With their "leave it all on the stage" mentality, they formed the idea that you must be grand and you must be timeless to evolve (and stick around, for that matter).
sarah pixley
If you ever get to see the foursome play live, you'll notice their distinct style of folk/rock goes right down to the pointed boots they stomp during their performances.
The stand that holds the vocal reverb for vocalist John Thorney.
U.S. Royalty began their musical journey in the topsy-turvy labyrinth that is rock-n-roll back in 2008.
sarah pixley
John on stage at the U Street Music Hall earlier in September.
sarah pixley
The band has a Ten Years After vibe with a The Guess Who soul, ever more present with their current single "Blue Sunshine," which dropped to a large amount of local fervor Aug. 20.
The current single "Blue Sunshine" is a precursor for the upcoming album of the same name, slated for release in early 2014.
sarah pixley
The song holds steady with a solid melodic and memorable chorus, a maleficent bridge and a wet vocal reverb with long tails that moves the almost haunting vocals back into the meat of the song, reminiscent of the early psychedelic songs of the past.
"Blue Sunshine" is available for download now at bandcamp.com.
Did we fail to mention the harmonica is back in style? Check.
U.S. Royalty is currently on a fall tour that circulates the states up until mid-October.
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