Colonial Williamsburg Considers Adding Hamilton Actors

How to use the show's success to draw both history buffs and pop musical lovers

If you just can't wait until "Hamilton" hits D.C. in 2018, you may soon be able to find the likeness of the United States' first treasury secretary in an equally tourist-heavy location -- Colonial Williamsburg.

As the musical's popularity skyrockets among young people -- as evidenced by the 11 Tonys it took home this month -- the area is looking into adding actors to play Alexander Hamilton in an October reenactment, according to The Virginian-Pilot.

Stephen Seals, the manager of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's interpretive development program, told the paper that "Hamilton" has ignited an excitement for history in teens -- an increasing number of whom are now strolling the historic area in tees bearing images from the pop musical.

"The show really has sparked a need to know in young people," Seals Told The Virginian-Pilot.

Hamilton actors would join an existing cast that includes George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette as they reenact Washington's push to Yorktown in 1781, an important storyline in the stage version of the young man's life as well.

Seals did not provide any details on when or how the actors may be hired.

But if reenactments are not quite your style, and you're prepared to hold out for the real deal, be sure to do your homework on how to get tickets to the show that's making history really, really cool again.

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